Improving communication between agencies to better protect children How we can improve communication and decision-making between agencies

More needs to be done to improve the way we learn from serious case reviews. That's why we're hosting three multi-agency summits for practitioners, managers and leaders involved in safeguarding.

"There needs to be a more joined-up system for identifying trends"
Karen Childs Smith / Head of Knowledge and Information

When a child dies or is seriously injured because of abuse or neglect, local agencies come together to review the case and learn how they can work better to protect children in the future.

The reports from these serious case reviews (SCRs) repeat many of the same findings and the learning is not very well shared with professionals working in other areas. There needs to be a more joined-up system for identifying trends and using the learning to inform changes to practice at a local and national level.

A recurring theme across nearly all serious case reviews is the challenges around communication and decision-making between different professional agencies.

We are working in partnership with the Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE) to host summits to look at how learning from reports can be used to inform improvements in practice.

What the summits cover

Over recent months, we've been looking at recent reports and drawing out learning around inter-professional communication and decision-making.

Practitioners, managers and leaders involved in safeguarding are invited to add their practice knowledge and experience to the learning identified from the reports by:

  • sense-checking the learning from the SCR reports
  • identifying the barriers that are preventing good practice
  • developing workable solutions
  • and developing support mechanisms to tackle these problems.

We're running the summits on the following dates:

  • London - Friday 25 September 2015
  • Leeds - Monday 28 September 2015
  • Birmingham - Wednesday 30 September 2015

Learning from case reviews

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