Macur review: lengthy process could deter victims from coming forward

Anyone who's suffered abuse, must have full confidence that their allegation will be dealt with quickly and thoroughly, says Desmond Mannion

Lady Justice Macur has published her two-year review into the 2000 Waterhouse inquiry. The Macur review backed the inquiry's findings of "no evidence" of historical abuse by establishment figures in former north Wales children's homes.

Desmond Mannion, Head of NSPCC Wales has welcomed the publication of the review but fears the length of time it has taken risks deterring victims from coming forward. 

"We welcome the long-overdue publication of the Macur review today. It is surprising that, 4 years after the Government launched a review into the Waterhouse report that was so widely criticised, there are so few recommendations.

"The horrors of the north Wales child abuse scandal will haunt our country for many years to come and undoubtedly, many of those who voiced their concern at the time those, including those who have taken the brave step to disclose their experiences will be surprised and disappointed by today's findings.

"The publication of the Macur review has been a lengthy, drawn out process, revealing barely anything and our worry is that this risks deterring victims from coming forward. We hope that, in the future, such reviews will be conducted as swiftly as possible. There is still an ongoing criminal investigation into historic allegations that needs to ensure survivors voices are heard and perpetrators brought to justice.

"Anyone who has suffered abuse, either current or historical, must have full confidence that their allegation will be dealt with as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, we hope that Operation Pallial does not inadvertently suffer from today's publication."

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