Prime Minister Theresa May shows her support for Little Stars

How all the Little Stars lighting up Oxford Street help keep children safe from abuse 

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has thrown her support behind our Little Stars campaign by dedicating a Christmas light on Oxford Street to children who've been abused.

The Prime Minister's put the call out for people to show their support and name a light for someone special to help keep children safe.

""For the first time ever, the world-famous Christmas lights on Oxford Street have been taken over by a charity - and I am delighted to be supporting the NSPCC Little Stars campaign to keep children safe from abuse and neglect this Christmas""
Theresa May / Prime Minister

Why our Prime Minister's dedicating her light on Oxford Street to children

Prime Minister Theresa May said:
"A critical part of bringing those who abuse to justice is helping victims to speak out. Charities like the NSPCC and their services like Childline give children invaluable support, someone to turn to and the confidence and protection not to suffer in silence.

"I saw that first hand when I met some extraordinarily brave children at the NSPCC who shared their stories with me and I am dedicating my light on Oxford Street to those children this Christmas.

"Anyone can get involved in this campaign by making a donation and naming a star to someone special in their lives. But this is your last chance to name a light, as the campaign draws to a close and the lights will be taken down in the first week of January."