Safer Internet Day 2015: Let’s create a better internet together

We're joining 100s of organisations across the UK in supporting Safer Internet Day on 10th February 2015 and helping keep children safe online

The internet plays a huge role in children and young people's lives. We all have a part to play in helping them stay safe online – and that's recognised by this year's Safer Internet Day theme 'Let's create a better internet together'.

We're joining with the UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC) and 100s of organisations across the world to promote safe use of technology on Safer Internet Day, this 10th February 2015.

Peter Wanless, NSPCC CEO, says:
"The NSPCC is a huge supporter of Safer Internet Day and we will be flying the flag for #SID2015. Keeping children safe in the digital age is the child protection challenge of a generation. We cannot be complacent and rely on the positive action of a few technology providers to bring about change. This is a fight that has to be the top priority for every organisation that connects children with the digital world.

"This is a fight that has to be the top priority for every organisation that connects children with the digital world."
Peter Wanless / NSPCC Chief Executive

"We are dedicated to finding ways to help children and adults navigate the online world, such as our Share Aware campaign and Net Aware tool. I strongly encourage parents and professionals to familiarise themselves with the guidance available from us and the range of charities and organisations such as ChildNet and CEOP. We must all stay on top of the continuously evolving vulnerabilities children face online.

"But let's not forget the hugely positive role that the internet plays in young people's lives too. 68% of counselling sessions for ChildLine now happen online and the message boards are used more than ever before. This definitely includes young people who felt unable to reach us by phone. OK there are dangers but the internet has also helped us to create a safe space for young people to share their concerns and offer each other support and advice."

Help and support for children and young people

ChildLine will be supporting Safer Internet Day on both the ChildLine website and Facebook. And young people will be able to access help and support about subjects such as sexting, online grooming and staying safe when sharing pictures and messages.

Will Gardner, Director of the UK Safer Internet Centre and CEO of Childnet, says:
"Safer Internet Day is a fantastic opportunity to talk to young people about the safe and positive use of technology, and how we can all help to create a kinder online community. At the UK Safer Internet Centre we're delighted to see that hundreds of schools and organisations across the UK are gearing up to help make Safer Internet Day 2015 the biggest one yet.

"We're setting our sights high! Last year over 650 organisations supported Safer Internet Day by running activities or spreading the word. With the support of organisations such as the BBC, Disney, UK government, Facebook, Twitter, Google, BT, Sky, NSPCC, Girlguiding, the Scouts Association and the FA, as well as over 350 schools from across the UK, Safer Internet Day 2014 reached 25% of UK children, 18% of teens and 10% of parents – an incredible figure for a one-day campaign.

"Most importantly, Safer Internet Day had a huge impact. For example, among children, almost half said they changed their online behaviour and almost two-thirds spoke to a family member as a result. These figures are a huge inspiration for all of us to reach out even more widely this Safer Internet Day and create a buzz on 10th February about the safe, positive and responsible use of technology."

Get involved with Safer Internet Day

Whether you're a school, youth group, company, charity, police force or local authority, it's easy to get involved in Safer Internet Day.

  1. Reach out to young people, parents and carers in your school, youth group or workplace and use ChildNet's Education Packs to run activities.
  2. Promote the day on social media using #SID2015.
  3. Promote on your website using the template text and banners.
  4. Join the supporters list to share your activities and receive your supporter certificate.