Supporting services to better identify neglect

We're looking for partners to join us for the third phase of our Graded Care Profile version 2 trial - Dawn Hodson talks about the journey so far.

Neglect can happen in many forms making it difficult to identify. There's often no single sign that a child or family need help, so professionals look for a pattern of on-going neglect before stepping in. 

There's no definitive criteria for when to intervene in child neglect and research shows that professionals struggle to identify it and respond robustly. 

Our Graded Care Profile service helps social workers measure the quality of care being given to a child so they have the confidence to identify neglect in all its forms. 

Helping professionals identify neglect

The Graded Care Profile 2 is the only authorised and fully tested update of the original Graded Care Profile. Building on the findings of our national evaluation, Graded Care Profile 2 is a more user-friendly and comprehensive tool that helps front line practitioners with their assessment and subsequent work with families where neglect is a concern.

Graded Care Profile 2 measures the quality of care delivered to a child over a short window of time. Practitioners use the tool to grade care on a scale of 1 (best) to 5 (worst) and use the outcome of the assessment to determine what level of support or help the family might need (where applicable).

It has kept the principles and values of the original Graded Care Profile – ensuring that it retains its integrity in the way it scales and supports work with families - but adds value in relation to new, more accessible language, as well as incorporating new ‘items’ such as obesity and online safety.

How to become a part of phase 3

We've been working with a number of sites to help us understand the best way to support local authorities to use and embed the Graded Care Profile 2 into practice. 

Building on this work we're now opening up the opportunity to be part of phase 3 before full roll-out of the training.

Phase 3 sites will have:

  • the opportunity to attend regional information sessions to learn about the updated tool and its implementation
  • access to materials to run awareness sessions in their local authority to grow interest in the tool, following the regional information session.

If you become part of phase 3 you'll receive:

  • a license to use the Graded Care Profile 2 in the agreed geographical area
  • a training for trainers course, for 2 delegates, to allow local delivery of the licensed Graded Care Profile 2
  • support and advice on the most effective way to implement the tool
  • access to information sheets, report templates, guidance and tools to support effective use of the tool in practice.

Register for updates

If you're interested in trialling our Graded Care Profile 2 service, get in touch. We'll send you more details on dates for regional sessions, what's involved and how to apply.

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