The Chancellor’s 2016 Budget

 Not enough promised to support victims of abuse 

In today's Budget announcement the Chancellor, George Osborne, failed to take the opportunity to emphasise the government’s commitment to supporting children who have suffered abuse by ring-fencing mental health services to help them recover. This is despite the pressure the government has come under, including NSPCC research exposing worrying gaps in therapeutic support for this extremely vulnerable group of children.

While we are pleased that the government has committed to mental health funding, part of this money must now be urgently prioritised to ensure abused children get effective therapy that helps them deal with the emotional and psychological consequences of their horrendous experiences, so they can rebuild their childhoods.

"It is deeply disappointing that the government has not prioritised vital mental health support for child sexual abuse victims in this budget despite the widely acknowledged funding gaps. We have said time and time again, how it is essential that there are services to help these vulnerable young people recover and we are surprised that the Chancellor didn’t take this opportunity to emphasise the government’s commitment to this issue and ensure that the necessary support is available for victims. "
Peter Wanless / NSPCC Chief Executive

We know that each year, more than half a million children in the UK experience abuse. Yet many of those who come forward do not receive support in rebuilding their lives. A lack of funding in mental health services for children who have been abused can make it impossible for them to overcome their trauma. 

That's why ring-fenced funding to support victims of abuse is so important. That's why we've launched our campaign, It's Time. Because it's time we all took action to make sure some of the most vulnerable children in the UK are given the right support - for as long as they need it.

However, we are pleased that the government has used this opportunity to provide much-needed funding to child protection and support services to families. We are delighted that £1.84m raised through Libor fines will be channelled through some of our services. These services are often a lifeline for families facing difficult situations. 

"Families are often left without the help they need during difficult times, so we welcome the Chancellor’s announcement that £1.84m raised through Libor fines will be channelled through to NSPCC services, which we will use to support parents and their children from military families."
Peter Wanless / NSPCC Chief Executive