Race bag essentials

Our expert coaches detail the essential items you need for your race day bag.The clock is ticking and race day is fast approaching.

It’s time to get ready. Your race bag needs to have everything you need for before, during and after the race. Preparing it properly can make your experience a lot easier.

1. Timing chip and race number

You'll be amazed how often this is forgotten! If you don't bring them with you on race day, you won't be allowed to compete. Attach your timing chip and to the front of your bike and any numbers to your jersey.

2. Chamois Crème 

Rubbing or chafing can be a common issue for cyclists and you’ll want to be applying something to reduce friction, inflammation and discomfort. Don’t forget it.

3. Food

Don’t forget any snacks (including bars or gels) you’re planning to consume during the race. You don’t want to get halfway round the course and find yourself struggling for energy.

4. Kit

Make yourself a packing list and don't leave anything to chance on race morning.

Cycling requires a lot of kit. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of the stuff you need, it's a good guide:

  • helmet
  • cycling shoes and gloves
  • spare inner tubes
  • puncture repair kit (make sure you know how to use it!)
  • small hand pump
  • 2 x tyre levers
  • mobile phone (make sure it’s charged before you leave)
  • 2 x water bottles with water or an isotonic drink (fill these at home)
  • sun cream

5. Pump it up

Make sure those tyres are pumped up before you leave, or take a bike pump with you so you can do it on the day.

6. Afterwards

You’ll want a change of clothes and shoes for after the race, some wet wipes to clean yourself off and a bin bag or dry bag to put any wet kit in.

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