Get the taper right 5 top tips to get ready for race day

It's time to slow down your training and get ready for race day.The race line is nearly in sight. After four months of dedication and clocking up hundreds of miles in training, race day is just around the corner.

In the last few days, there is not a lot more you can do to physically prepare for the marathon. It's time to slow down and trust in your training.

Some runners get quite restless at this point, as they struggle to adjust to the sudden dip in activity. It's perfectly normal and all part of the preparation. Our expert coaches, Full Potential, have 5 top tips to get the taper right.

5 top tapering tips


1. Don't panic about your preparation

Everyone has last-minute nerves. Trust in your training. Use this period as an opportunity to visit the London Marathon website. Get to know the course, the water stations, the cheer points and map the race out in your head.

2. Do keep your running this week light and easy

A few short, steady runs (2-3 miles) will help you burn off any excess energy and pre-race nerves. Don't be concerned about race pace or distance. This is just about keeping you ticking over. The hard work is done!

3. Don't feel the need to do one last long run

Some runners use this time as an opportunity to run 20 miles at marathon pace - to prove they can do it. This is a recipe for disaster. Pushing yourself to the limit now would dramatically increase the risk of injury.

4. Do rest up

Take this opportunity to give your body (and mind) a well-earned rest. Treat yourself to a massage, put your feet up and conserve your energy for the big day.

5. Plan your post-race celebration

It's going to be incredibly busy around London on race day. When you cross the finish line, you're going to be tired, relieved and euphoric in equal measure. Save yourself a bit of stress by choosing a venue for your post-race celebration. Check the menu and make a reservation so that you can enjoy your achievement with friends and loved ones.

Quick tip: squats for runners

Squats are a great exercise for any aspiring or experienced runner. They build power and endurance in the quads and glutes, allowing you to become a stronger runner.