Scott Chudley London Marathon NSPCC supporter Scott Chudley shares with us his training and fundraising secrets

Scott Chudley

"From my experience of working as an assistant head, I have witnessed, first-hand, the difficulty children face when growing up and the need for someone to talk to. Therefore, my decision to run for the NSPCC was an easy one".

How did you find the training?

Trainers illustration"The marathon distance was daunting, but with the right training, the seemingly impossible becomes possible... Well it does after completing the marathon.

"Training was long, hard and occasional painful, but nevertheless the sense of achievement and satisfaction outweighed the pain and the blisters!

"The feeling of achievement after the long runs was truly epic and you soon forget the tears and tantrums you have just been through...I came to realise the importance of training for your own race rather than worrying about others' PB and running experience- simply enjoy it!"

How did you find the fundraising?

Coins illustration"Ever since I joined up to the NSPCC, it was important to me that my school would be involved as much as possible. I truly believe the need for children to learn the importance of helping others, but also why we should live a healthy lifestyle.

"I ran several activities throughout the year such as, Christmas fayre, non-uniform days, PTA cake sale, a staff quiz, guess my time and a walkathon."

Tell us more about the walkathon!

"All children aged 4-11 took part in a sponsor walk around the local area. The children had a fun-filled day and began to understand the physical and mental endurance needed to complete a similar event to the London Marathon.We managed to raise £5800 on the day."

What was your experience of race day itself?

"Race day I was a bag of mixed emotions! The atmosphere in London was incredible - it is totally true what they say about the crowds. The energy and enthusiasm was electric and really spurred me on!

"The NSPCC post-race reception venue, staffing, layout and what was offered were all spot on. The whole team of staff and volunteers were fantastic, friendly, grateful and caring. I am so thankful to all of for helping to make it a memorable day. I am very much looking forward to being part of the 2016 team!"

Why are you doing it again, and why should others take part too?

Medal illustration"It keeps you fit, helps you get places and offers an outlet to blow off steam! I really want to continue to inspire children and other adults. I have now got the running bug and want to challenge myself further to achieve my personal best.

"The feeling you get once you've crossed the finish line is a feeling like no other. Everybody should experience this feeling of pride and accomplishment!"