Training Zone

All the advice you need to get yourself ready for a charity challenge in support of the NSPCC.

Training Zone

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Getting started

Get your preparation for your charity challenge off to the perfect start with top advice from our coaching partners Full Potential.


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How to stop injuries

Expert coaches Full Potential give their advice on how to stay fit and avoid injury as you prepare for your charity challenge.


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Trekking kitbag

Aside from the obvious essentials like blister plasters, drinking water and waterproofs, there are a few added extras that will make all the difference to your trek.


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Trekking motivation

On any long distance trek there’ll be moments when you think you can’t go any further. We’ve got some top tips to help you keep going.


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Trekking nutrition

Eating well is a priority when you’re preparing for a physical challenge like a trek. Check out our top 6 tips to help fuel your training.


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Tri race bag

There’s plenty you need to pack for race day – so it’s a good idea to create a list you can tick off. You are aiming to arrive at the start line as calm and as prepared as possible.


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Tri start

Endurance isn’t built overnight – it takes months of consistent preparation so it’s really important to give yourself plenty of time to train for your event.


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Tri injury

Picking up an injury when you’re training for an event can be frustrating, as well as painful. Follow our advice to reduce your risk.


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We'll provide you with everything you need to smash your fundraising target.

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