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Local fundraising groups

Could you volunteer to help us fundraise in your local commmunity?

Volunteer in your local community and help us turn children’s lives around

Up and down the county there are over 1,000 groups of amazing fundraising volunteers and small businesses, working in their local areas, raising money to help us fight for every childhood. 

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Joining a local fundraising group

Our volunteers are heroes. Without them, we simply couldn't do the work we do. The money they raise allows us to be there for every child that needs us.

They're always on the lookout for new members with new ideas. If you are interested in joining an existing group, or setting up a new group, get in touch with your local NSPCC fundraising team today.

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Making a difference in the community

NSPCC fundraising tins

Our dedicated fundraising committee in Jersey regularly hold community events to raise money to support the NSPCC’s Gower Centre in St Helier.

From fashion shows to tennis tournaments, the Jersey committee are finding fun ways to raise money.

The Gower Centre provides services and support for children and families, including our Baby Steps service which helps parents prepare for having a baby.

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Joining a local business board

If you run a local business, why not join together with others in your area, pool your resources and help raise money and awareness of the NSPCC's work.

We have lots of local business boards, made up of business leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals from a range of industries. Together, they use their networks and knowledge to raise as much money as possible for our work with children and families.

To find out how you can get involved with a board near you, contact your local fundraising office.

Membership is by invitation only, but if you want to get involved and would be prepared to open up your networks, then please get in touch. We also encourage Board members to share ideas by joining the NSPCC Business Board Members Forum on LinkedIn.

How our business boards help

Pink piggy bankThe Changing Childhoods Appeal Board in Northern Ireland have set themselves the challenge of raising
£1 million to support our services in Belfast.

Set up in early 2012, the board is made up of 11 men and women from a range of businesses and backgrounds, all working together to build a better future for children in their local area.

We currently run five services from our Belfast service centre, including Family SMILES, working to support families where a parents has mental health issues.

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Find your local business board

Bolton Business Board

Birmingham Business Board

Brighton and Hove Business Board

Bristol Business Board

City of London Business Board

Coventry Business Board

Kent and Medway Business Board

No contact details yet as group still in formation.

Lancashire Business Board

Leeds Business Board

Not contact details yet as board in formation.

Liverpool Business Board

Manchester Business Board

Newcastle Upon Tyne Business Board

Peterborough Business Board

North and South London Business Board

Sunderland Business Board

Belfast Board - Changing Childhoods Appeal Board

Glasgow Fundraising Board

Edinburgh Fundraising Board

There are currently no NSPCC business boards in Wales. 

If you are interested in starting one, please contact the Wales local office.

Keeping in touch with you

We want to keep in touch with our amazing volunteers. But we need to do some paperwork first.

To keep complying with regulations, we need your consent to tell you all about the latest news from the NSPCC. It only takes 60 seconds to complete the form, which will ensure we stay in touch with you.

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From marathons to gala dinners, there's an event you can do to raise money and help give children the childhood they deserve.
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