What it takes to get to the top How Sarah took on The Gherkin Challenge

Sarah Mills, ChildLine volunteer with her sonClimbing 38 floors may seem like a long way up. But for Childline volunteer Sarah Mills, the views over London make The Gherkin Challenge totally worth it.

As a returning Gherkineer, Sarah knows what's needed to make it to the top. She shares her journey from deciding to climb the tube escalators to becoming a practiced tower runner to raise an amazing £1825 for Childline.

"Tower running is harder than it looks but the advantage is that you get an amazing view as a reward when you reach the top!"
Sarah Mills / Childline volunteer

"I'm not an athlete and can't see myself ever having the time to train to complete a challenge like a marathon. But I wanted to get involved in some kind of challenge and the Gherkin seemed much more doable.

"The first time around I did very little training other than walking up escalators whenever I used the tube! My son Charlie (who was 10 at the time) skipped up the stairs, arriving at the top looking fresh as a daisy whereas I relied heavily on his encouragement to keep going to the top.

"A year later and my fitness was a bit better, having started running regularly. I wanted to have another go to beat my time from the previous year and of course to raise money for Childline."

"I've been a volunteer Childline Counsellor for the past seven years. During that time I’ve had the privilege of speaking to many amazingly brave young people."
Sarah Mills / Childline Counsellor

Why climb London's largest pickle?

"I've been a volunteer Childline Counsellor for the past 7 years. During that time I've had the privilege of speaking to many amazingly brave young people.

"I've witnessed first hand the difference that Childline can make in the lives of children and young people who really do have nowhere else to turn.

"It is this that motivated me in my fundraising for the challenge."