Friendship Rocks Made for children by children

Lola, young supporter6 year old Lola is one of our youngest supporters. Like many little girls, she likes to collect stones in her pockets and imagine that they're precious. To her and her friends they are.

She likes to pair them up and embellish them with paint and glitter and give them back to her friends.

Lola wanted to raise money to help other children. So she decided to collect rocks, decorate them and sell them in pairs, so other children could give them to their friends and raise money for us whilst doing so. 

So far Lola has raised over £130. Her mother Candice tells us more about this creative fundraising idea: 

"Lola had a wonderful idea in the playground that combined celebrating friendship and raising money for the NSPCC"
Candice Jenkins / Lola's mother

"She came up with ‘Friendship Rocks’, an initiative which means she collects and decorates pairs of stones to sell or give to those in need of a friend.

"Logistically though she cannot make hundreds of ‘Friendship rocks’ herself. So we created a website which gives you more information about us, details on what you’ll need to get started, a downloadable worksheet which teaches other children how to make and package up their own Friendship Rocks and details about how to donate to the NSPCC."

Get creative

"We hope that this'll encourage other children to get creative, decorate their own rocks and share them with their friends. And raise money for other children who desperately need help."

You can get started by visiting their website or you can donate via their Friendship Rocks Just Giving page. 

How can you help?

Running, skydiving, baking, dancing or fancy dress - how can you help Team @NSPCC fight for #EveryChildhood?

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