Going off the beaten track Challenging the heavenly steps

Kimberley OwenKimberley Owen, hailing from the Black Country was keen to take on a challenge of a lifetime and raise valuable funds for NSPCC simultaneously. 

As a keen fundraiser, Kimberley has previously done 10k runs, sponsored walks and monthly donations. 

In October 2015, she trekked the Great Wall of China with Charity Challenge and helped to raise £60,000 for NSPCC. 

"They say 'you're not a man until you've climbed the wall' and now I definitely understand why. I always wanted to visit China and there was no better way to tackle the wall than for NSPCC"
Kimberley Owen / NSPCC supporter

Treking boots illustrationThe trek took 5 days and Kimberley's team were so supportive of one another that it made the journey easier to do. Raising money and the NSPCC were definitely the ingredients that brought the team together.

The slogan 'Every Child is worth fighting for' adorned their shirts during the trek. The thank-you cards each team member penned for each other on their last evening together summarised the many emotions felt on the wall and also highlighted everyone’s contribution to the cause.

Kimberley raised an amazing £1,700 for the NSPCC. Throughout the trek Kimberley posted video clips to Vine and photos on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook to show the varied terrain they were tackling and their progress.

Donate to Kimberley's Virgin Money Giving page

"Anyone thinking of embarking on such a challenge should do it without hesitation. I've not only met a group of awe inspiring people who'll remain firm friends but it's inspired me to do more for NSPCC. I'll certainly be dusting those trekking shoes off."
Kimberley Owen / NSPCC supporter