Team One Million Steps Taking on the Hardest Footrace on Earth

Team One Million StepsA notoriously extreme physical and mental challenge, The Marathon des Sables is a multi-day ultramarathon set in the Sahara Desert, where competitors run 150 - 156 miles over 6 days.

The participants endure 40C heat, blisters, sand dunes, sand storms as well we having to carry everything you need with you for the race (including food, clothes, medical kit, sleeping bag) - it certainly tests your physical and mental attributes to the limits.

"Knowing our fundraising was going towards the excellent work the NSPCC do to help children across the UK was a huge motivation throughout our training and the race."
James Lewis

‘Team One Million Steps’ otherwise known as Ali, James and Steve have raised an amazing £41,000 for completing the 2014 Marathon des Sables. Here, James talks us through his experience taking on ‘The Hardest Footrace on Earth':

"The Marathon Des Sables really is a truly amazing event. It encompasses everything you would expect from the race dubbed 'the world's hardest foot race'. With this came highs and lows far beyond anything we'd ever experienced and more extreme than we could have ever imagined.

However, after 5 days living in the 45-degree Sahara heat and 250km of what, at times, felt like never ending steps, it was all worthwhile when we crossed the finish line as a team. None of us will ever forget it."

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