6 stretches for marathon runners Importance of stretching...

Stretching after runningYou've been doing amazing work, clocking up the miles and getting into your training programme. Your body is slowly starting to adapt to the stresses of preparing to run a marathon.

Stretching is one of the best ways to prevent injury and it's important to do this both before and after each training session.

If you’re starting to feel stiffness during your running, it may not be just fatigue, it could be that the muscles are being wound too tight and need some relief.

The benefits of stretching

The common benefits of stretching:

    • helps prevent cramp
    • reduces risk of muscular aches and pains
    • prevents muscle tears
    • improves your stride and posture.

6 of the best stretches for runners

It used to be commonplace for people to only stretch before exercise. However these days, stretching after you’ve been running also has equal benefits for your body.

RG Active tell us how:
"It’s harder to stretch cold muscles so do a couple of minutes light jogging to get the blood flowing round your body before you start stretching. Then after you’ve completed your run, resist the urge to head straight for the shower and spend 5 minutes on your flexibility.

Man and woman stretching

Top stretches for marathon runners:

    • hamstring stretch 
    • glute stretch
    • quadricep stretch
    • calf stretch
    • hip flexor stretch
    • lower back stretch

Hold each stretch for 20 seconds before switching to the other leg. Don’t over-extend, go to the point where you feel a mild discomfort and hold.

After you’ve completed the routine, shake your legs out and you should immediately feel the benefit.

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