Choosing the right running shoe Tips for getting the best fit for your feet

Girl in changing room tying up her lacesIt can be really hard preparing your body to run 26.2 miles. You may suffer from sore knees, stiff muscles or even the dreaded shin splints as you pound the pavements every week.

But choosing the right running shoes is one of the best ways to avoid injury. It can be a daunting experience and you may not know what to buy.

But don't worry we've got all the information you need to help you choose the right shoe to get you moving. 

Where to start?

Trainers illustrationTaking the time to get the right shoe will save you a lot of pain further down the line.

When you’re preparing for a marathon, your running shoes are your best friend. You’ll rely on them as you clock up the miles and progress through your marathon training program.

First, find out a bit more about your feet. The shape of your foot will generally be:

    • flat 
    • neutral 
    • high-arched 

Different shoes, fit different categories. These reduce the stress on your body and maximise your running performance. Once you know more about the shape of your feet, you'll be able start trying on trainers that are more suited to you.  

Choosing the right shoe

It’s called 'gait analysis'. And the good news is that every specialist running shoe retailer offers them.

RG Active explains:
"Gait analysis, which normally involves getting you running on a treadmill, will provide you with the essential information you'll need about your running style. By looking at the shape of your foot and analysing the movement of it, you'll be able to find the right shoe for you".

Once they’ve helped you choose the right design, don’t be shy. Try on as many different pairs as you want before you find precisely the right fit for you.

A good running shoe is essential to getting you to the start line happy, healthy and raring to go.

Gait analysis

We'll be hosting a series of Gait Analysis Parties at the London Marathon Store near Bishopsgate. The store will be offering 20% discounts* to all NSPCC marathon runners.

The next event will take place on the 28 January 2016.

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