7 essential items for your race bag Helping you get organised for race day

Running at the marathonCongratulations to all of our amazing runners, this coming weekend you’ll be tying up your shoelaces at the start line of the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016!

We can’t wait to see you all in Greenwich. But before we do, there’s just one more piece of advice we’d like to pass on.

It’s time to get practical and it’s time to get packing. Your race bag needs to have everything you need for before, during and after the marathon.

What you'll need to pack

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    • Marker pen
      Write your name on the front of  your running vest. The marathon is a wonderful event that unites the city of London. Thousands of people line the route to cheer you on. Hearing them shout your name will be an amazing feeling you won’t forget.

    • Tracksuit top
      You could be waiting around for a while before you start and you don’t want to start the race stone cold. Afterwards, once your adrenaline starts to fade, you’ll be grateful for the extra warmth. Make sure it's a top that you don't mind losing at the start line.

    • Tape/Vaseline
      Chafing is a common problem for marathon runners. Bring some tape to cover your nipples and some Vaseline for other areas prone to irritation. It’ll save you a lot of discomfort.

    • Food
      Don’t forget any bars or gels you’re expecting to consume during the race. You don’t want to get halfway round the course and find yourself struggling for energy.

    • Spare socks/shoes
      After the race your feet will be desperate for some reprieve. Pack your most comfy footwear and put them on for your journey home.

    • Wet wipes
      Whether it’s cleaning up any scrapes or if the pre-race toilets run out of loo paper, you’ll be happy you remembered these.

    • Tasty snack
      After running 26.2 miles, your body will be craving some extra energy. Treat yourself to your favourite snack, safe in the knowledge that the hard work is done.

Good luck to Team NSPCC

The countdown to this year's marathon has officially begun! We're gearing up to support our amazing Team NSPCC runners as they get ready to complete the 26.2 mile race.

With less than a week to go, it's time to get ready, lace up your shoes, hold your head high and remember that every step and every mile, will help keep more children safe. 

Our staff wish our Team NSPCC runners good luck for the Virgin Money London Marathon, taking place on Sunday 24th April 2016.

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