Fuelling your run Supplement ideas for marathon runners

Man stretchingIf you’re training for the Virgin Money London Marathon, then your body is slowly adjusting to the strain of all the hard - but brilliant - work you're putting in.

If you're used to sitting behind a desk, it can be quite a shock to the system to start running and preparing your body for the big race.

By now, you might be finding that your muscles and joints are just starting to creak a little.

But don’t worry. It's perfectly normal.

Make sure your body gets the right nutrients

"Supplements are there to 'supplement' an existing nutrition plan, not replace it. Aim to get all your protein intake from real food over 3-4 even portions a day. Sometimes it can be tough to get enough in during breakfast or mid-morning, so perhaps drink a shake to repair those muscles throughout the day."
RG Active / Training partners

But it’s not always that easy. Sometimes work and family commitments get in the way and planning healthy meals can feel like an added chore. That’s where supplements and extras like protein shakes can come in handy.

Get the right mix 

RG Active recommend that the following supplements may help you with your marathon traininPasta bowl illustrationg:

  • magnesium - used for hundreds of processes in the body, and lost through sweat
  • omega 3 Oils (EPA and DHA)
  • iron
  • vitamin c 
  • vitamin d
  • protein (whey, shakes, bars) - as above, only where people aren't getting enough from real food e.g. muesli and porridge based breakfast.

Supplements shouldn't be used as meal replacements. They help to fill the gaps in your diet and keep you fit and strong for the rest of your marathon training program. 

While some strain on your body is perfectly normal, if you're worried about any specific aches/pain then you should consult a doctor to put your mind at rest and make sure that you look after yourself before race day. 

Helping you on your journey

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