Training with a running partner 5 benefits to running with someone else

2 women training toegtherSpring is nearly here. You’ve spent the past few months running through the bleak midwinter. The days are getting longer and so are your training runs.

You’ve got aching legs, stiff joints and the occasional blister. As your distance increases, it’s not just your body that starts to feel fatigued.

For first-time marathon runners running 26.2 miles is a test of mental strength.

Now is the perfect time to introduce your secret weapon: a training partner.

It’s good to talk

Marathon training can be lonely at times. Your social life takes a hit and you have to spend hours training with just your playlist for company.

Having a friend to train with you can make a massive difference. A dose of encouragement or discussing the plotline from your favourite TV show can make your training much more enjoyable.

What are the benefits?

Asking a friend or family member to be your running partner can be a great way to put some fun into your run and training programme. Having this extra support means that you can: 

    • stay motivated for longer
    • make your training sessions more fun
    • be less likely to cancel on a running session
    • be able to celebrate your successes together
    • have some variety to your workouts

Get your supporters involved

Many people may puff their cheeks when they hear about the ordeal of your marathon training programme. And they may not jump at the chance to join you straight away! But there are some things you can do to encourage your friends and family to join you and get running together:

    • plan out your routes in advance
    • pick somewhere scenic that occasional runners might enjoy
    • share your route with your friends
    • ask them to meet you at different points along the way
    • talk about how positive running has been for your fitness and well-being
    • reward yourself at the end. Sit down for a nice post-run meal where you can catch up at a more leisurely pace
    • Remind them that it's fun! 

Helping you on your journey

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