3 reasons you should use a training log Track your progress and take your fitness to the next level

Man and woman running outsideBy now, as a keen Team NSPCC runner - you should be starting to increase the frequency and distance of your running.

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of time as you juggle work, friends, family and your running program.

That’s why we recommend an essential piece of kit for runners of every level. And the good news is that, for once, you don’t have to visit a specialist shop to buy it. All you need is a pen and paper.

Our Team NSPCC marathon runners are doing great work preparing to run the marathon. Make a note of your progress and shout about it!

1. Track your progress

Crayons illustrationMarathon training, particularly for your 1st marathon, is all about steady improvement.

Make a note in your training log of how you felt during each run. Assign it a level of difficulty (e.g. 1 being easy and 5 being very difficult). Over time you should notice your stamina improving.

Keep a record of the quality of your sleep and meals and you’ll find a winning formula for peak performance.

2. Motivation

There’ll be times during your training, when the nights are long and cold, when you might struggle to motivate yourself to pull your running shoes on again.

In those moments take a look back at what you’ve achieved since week 1, and the hundreds of miles you’ve covered, and you’ll feel immensely proud. You set yourself a goal and you’re well on the way to achieving it.

We guarantee that the next time you tie your laces you’ll feel more energised as a result.

3. Injury prevention

Plaster illustrationSteering clear of injuries during training is absolutely vital. You’ll start to feel occasional aches and pains as you clock up the miles.

By keeping a log of your progrees, you can determine whether these are just par for the course or potentially the sign of something more serious.

If it is, then you can immediately take steps to rest and heal, without jeopardising your training.

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