The warm-up race Break the routine and achieve peak performance

NSPCC supporters cheering runners on from the sidelinesIn previous training articles, we’ve talked about the right training kit, supplements and cross-training, and how all of these things can help you prepare physically for your first marathon.

Like many of our Team NSPCC runners, you’ve probably spent the last 2 months working really hard running different routes, up hill/down hill, in the park and on the road. 

But how do you prepare for running in one of the most famous races in the world?

The taster session

Medal illustrationTo get you prepared, motivated and excited about race day - you could sign up to another half-marathon or a 10k run.

It can be a great opportunity for you to practice packing your race bag, running in your kit and competing alongside fellow runners all intent on running at their own pace.

Some people can be shy the first time they run in front of spectators too, so it’s a perfect opportunity for you to run in front of a crowd. 

However, once you have adapted to it you realise that the support of onlookers will keep you going in tough moments during a race. 

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