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Our experts will work with you to identify clear steps you can take to help your staff and organisation keep children safe.

With over 125 years experience, we've worked with a variety of sectors including commercial, travel, the voluntary sector, local authorities, and we tailor our support to meet your specific needs.

Our services have been designed around best practice consistent with UK legislation and guidelines.


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What we offer

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We lead reviews of child protection systems, conduct safeguarding audits, provide safeguarding advice, develop or review safeguarding policies and procedures, undertake learning and improvement reviews, action learning sets, and hold practice reviews and file audits. We also offer bespoke packages that combine consultancy with our child protection training or online training courses.

Child protection and safeguarding consultancy

The bespoke nature of our work means that no 2 projects are the same. Our consultants draw on their knowledge, skills and experience to meet the needs of diverse organisations, settings and circumstances.

Education sector

Our specialist for safeguarding in education works with all types of schools to make sure there's an understanding and fulfilment of duties to protect children. One of the key tools we use is the Education Self-Assessment Tool which takes schools through a comprehensive safeguarding audit.

HR safeguarding

Working to help embed safer HR practice into workplace culture and empower organisations to keep children safe. We offer specialist training and consultancy services that enable organisations to recruit the most appropriate staff and volunteers to work with children and young people. 

Deaf children and families

Our specialist consultant working with the deaf community has specific experience and skills gained from years working with this vulnerable group. They'll work with you to support your organisation in providing high quality safeguarding support taken from best practice.

Disabled children

We work with specialist and mainstream services and organisations providing a range of tailored consultancy support to our clients and partners. Our specialist consultant working with the disabled community will work with you to support your organisation in providing high quality safeguarding support taken from best practice. 

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Our work with Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance (LMI) is an international insurance company. They insure a number of organisations in the UK that provide services for children, such as education and sports. 

LMI provide an insurance policy which offers an indemnity to the Insured if an allegation of abuse is made and compensation to the victim(s) if the Insured is found to be negligent.

LMI recognised the need for a different solution to be brought forward by the insurance industry and a level of responsibility of duty of care to children. What was being proposed was unique to the insurance world, and LMI were keen to work with us to create a cohesive and responsive solution.

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What people say about our consultancy service

"The NSPCC's involvement demonstrated to the students, parents and staff how seriously we take the whole (safeguarding) area. The NSPCC's work, including the self-evaluation, was focused and professional. And the whole experience was reassuring and excellent value."

"Prior to our involvement with the NSPCC we primarily thought safeguarding was about vetting checks, but we've come to appreciate it's much broader than that. The NSPCC's been ultra-professional in their approach, always delivered on time, listened to our needs and our challenges and negotiated with us to reach safeguarding solutions that fit our business needs."

"The partnership with NSPCC was very positive. Not only did they provide us with a professional service, but also they were able to answer queries which were probably outside of the brief. But nevertheless, because they have the expertise, they were very willing to support us."

"We arranged a meeting, two of their consultants came into the office, and I explained what I was trying to achieve. They got it from day one."

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