Delivering the Coping with Crying programme - online course Online training for health visitors, midwives and children’s centre staff managing and delivering Coping with Crying to parents

Learn how to use the Coping with Crying film and resources to support parents with their baby's crying and reduce the risk of non-accidental head injuries to babies.

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Approximately 45 minutes online training course

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If you are interested in the Coping with Crying programme for your organisation or would like more information, please contact us on 0808 800 5000 or 

Coping with Crying is a programme designed to support parents with their baby's crying and reduce the risk of non-accidental head injuries to babies.

This course provides an overview from the literature on babies and crying, the risks and impact of a baby being shaken or handled roughly and the best practice approach to supporting parents. It introduces the Coping with Crying film, explains how to show it to parents, how to effectively implement the programme and provides access to all programme resources.

The training is broken down into three parts:

  1. the risks associated with babies that cry excessively
  2. advice and guidance on how to support parents and keep babies safe
  3. guidance on how to effectively implement the programme and show the film to parents.

The course contains links to the downloadable programme resources, including:

  • the Coping with Crying film (online and DVD)
  • implementation guidance: step-by-step guide for managers on how to implement the programme
  • parent leaflets: summarising the film and signposting to further sources of help for parents
  • practitioner script: steps for practitioners to take when showing the film to parents
  • programme manual: detailed manual for managers and practitioners on how to deliver the programme to parents
  • promotional materials: postcards and posters to help you promote the programme in your context.

This programme is designed for:

  • health visitors, midwives and children's centre staff who deliver the Coping with Crying programme to parents
  • managers who implement the programme within their organisation.

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