Child protection and safeguarding training in Wales Helping people working with children and organisations

Boys sitting in a gardenAs the UK's leading child protection charity, we understand the child protection issues that people working with children and organisations can face.

Our training and consultancy team works with a wide range of organisations across all sectors in Wales. We explore the steps that can be taken to improve policies, standards and practice to keep children safe.

You can view our range of Wales specific training courses below and find out how our consultancy service can help you.

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Training courses in Wales

Tailored training and consultancy

We provide tailored safeguarding and child protection support for any organisation to put safeguards in place to prevent child abuse and develop, evaluate or review safeguarding policies and processes.

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Looking for UK wide and online courses?

A wide range of courses are available across the UK and online, from introductions to child protection to refresher courses.

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Safeguarding Children – Organisational Learning and Development Consultancy Service

Two girls playing at schoolOur consultancy service works with organisations to improve and develop their safeguarding and child protection polices and practice. This can involve advising and supporting interventions evaluated and provided by the NSPCC through to organisational development and training programmes.

Our consultant has extensive experience working with organisations such as Welsh Government, the National Assembly of Wales, the police, heath and local authorities at both a strategic and operational level.

In addition we can provide consultancy with critical incidents, case review and audits and mentoring managers in safeguarding practice.

If you'd like to find out more about our consultancy service, contact us on 0808 800 5000 or for more information.

Fighting for childhood in Wales

We’re working to strengthen the delivery of children’s rights and create safer childhoods for every child in Wales.
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Child protection in Wales

How the child protection system in Wales works from reporting, investigations and care proceedings including facts, statistics and case reviews.
How it works in Wales