"I remember calling Childline at the start of the Christmas holidays because I was dreading that time trapped at home."
Grace, who contacted Childline

"I was six when I first called Childline. No one knew I'd left the house. I ran out the door and across the road to the phone box, before anyone could see me. As soon as I got through, I burst into tears. I couldn't hold it all in any longer. Everything that was worrying me, the abuse, the fear, the pain – it just came pouring out."

Help us be there for children like Grace.

"My dad used to hit me. He never gave me just a couple of smacks. He would get angry when I cried and this would only make him hit me harder."

"I talked and talked, for I don't know how long. After a while I suddenly felt scared I'd said too much. So I hung up. It took a while, but I built up the courage to call again – and again. The voice on the end of the line was always so warm and kind. They helped me see that what was happening was not OK."

"Childline was always there for me, any time of the day or night. To listen, calm me down and help me talk through it. The counsellors give up their time to show love to people who don't have love in their life. I'll be forever grateful for the hope and support they gave me, for so many difficult years. They helped me with advice on how to cope, what to do and, eventually, how to move on. I hate to think what I would have done without those conversations."

Young girl standing on a balcony, smiling

"No matter when you call, you know the person on the end of the line cares about you. Childline was like the parent I wished I had. They helped me through the darkest times."

Help us be there for children like Grace.

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Young boy with social worker in service centreDuring 2018/19 we spent over £89 million on services and activities to make children and young people safer. This includes working with children and families, our helplines, schools service and child protection and awareness campaigns like PANTS.

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