With your help, we can rebuild a child's life after abuse

Abuse can ruin lives. But it doesn't have to.

We work directly with children and families who've suffered sexual abuse. Services like Letting the Future In help get their lives back on track. 

But we can only continue this with your help. Just £5 can help rebuild a child's life - and help us be there for thousands more children who desperately need support.

Jennifer's story

Jennifer helps children recover after sexual abuse through our Letting the Future In service

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When 7-year-old Ella* first came into the service centre, she walked with her eyes down like she didn't want to be seen. "She thought people could tell she'd been abused and see all the 'badness' inside her," Jennifer remembers.

Supporting children to safely express their feelings

Over time, Jennifer and Ella played out a story of a princess who'd been trapped by a witch and made to eat poisonous food. For Ella, this was a safe way to communicate the abuse she'd suffered.

"It provides distance from their real life experience," Jennifer explains. "These stories have a lot of emotional energy for children. By playing, they can get that cathartic release."

How Letting the Future In helps get children back on track

Jennifer helped Ella create a wizard character who told the princess she was a good person inside, that the witch was wrong to hurt her – and it wasn't her fault.

By the end of Jennifer's time with her, Ella would arrive with a big smile and chat to people in the service centre. She didn't feel like she had to hide anymore.

"I see how sexual abuse can be so destructive to people, and it doesn’t need to be. If we can get in now, it makes such a big difference."

Letting the Future In

Our Letting the Future In service helps children who have been sexually abused to recover.

We see boys and girls aged 4 to 17 in our special play therapy rooms. They do things like messy play, writing, storytelling and art to help express feelings that they can’t put into words. Over time the children begin to open up about their feelings.

We must make sure we give support to the thousands of other children who need it. But we can't do this without your help.

"We can see how much our daughter has grown in strength and confidence. I can now imagine that she'll flourish and be happy like any other child. The work you've done has brought our daughter back to us "
Parents of a girl who was helped by Letting the Future In


Names and identifying features have been changed to protect identity. Photographs have been posed by models.