The Dream Big Christmas Raffle

Play your part by entering the raffle today and you could win £10,000 or a dream winter holiday!

£10,000 cash or a dream winter holiday, which would you choose?

Christmas raffleWe’re giving you the chance to make your dreams come true this Christmas with some truly incredible prizes!

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year for many children. But for those experiencing abuse and neglect, Christmas can be the scariest time of the year. By entering our Dream Big Christmas Raffle, you can help make abused and neglected children's dreams of a safe, happy Christmas a reality. 

Entry closes on 19 December. So what are you waiting for?

With every £1 you spend, you'll help us protect children and rebuild their lives after abuse. Thank you and good luck!

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Did you play the Childline Summer Raffle? Find out if you're the winner of £10,000 or taking yourself on a holiday this year.

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Chris Kiely

"I'm looking forward to being able to make some home improvements, treat my family and maybe even have a holiday. It's an easy and simple way to support a charity."

Mr Platten, Bishops Stortford

"I couldn't believe it at first. I was shocked, surprised and very happy! First thing I did was run up the stairs to check my ticket!"

John R, High Wycombe

"I've played the weekly lottery for 3 years, and enter into the raffle too. I normally only get one ticket but I decided to get 2 this time, and it was the second one that won!"

Mrs Young, Wolverhampton

"I really want to help the children and believe that everyone should do something to help. I didn't think that people actually win, so I'm happy it's me!"

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Where your money goes

£4 could pay for a child to speak to a Childline counsellor on the phone.

£10 gives children at 5 different schools their own Childline card, so they can keep the number close if they ever need to talk to us about their problems or worries.

£20 could pay for 5 children to speak to our Childline counsellors, giving the support and advice they need, whenever they need it so they always have someone that cares.

Terms and conditions

  1. Winners will be notified in writing as soon as possible after the draw. A list of winners will be made available online 14 days after the draw or in print on request by calling 020 7825 2505. Winners agree to take part in reasonable post event publicity.
  2. Entry closes 19 December 2016 and the draw takes place on 23 December 2016.
  3. You can request additional tickets by calling 016 2820 1281.
  4. By purchasing these tickets you agree to these terms and conditions.
  5. If you have a complaint please call our Supporter Care Team on 020 7825 2505.

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