Services for children and families

Working with children, young people and families who need our help across the UK.

We have over 40 service centres which offer a combination of services to children, families and professionals. We support parents and families in caring for their children and provide therapeutic assistance to help children move on from abuse.

Our services help protect children and support families by:

  • protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation
  • providing specialist support for minority ethnic families
  • supporting children in care
  • providing tools to help social workers deal with neglect
  • helping families who misuse drugs and alcohol
  • reducing the impact of domestic abuse on children
  • working with families with parents with mental health problems
  • supporting young witnesses to give evidence in court.

Assessing the Risk, Protecting the Child

We assess and work with adults to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse.
Assessing the Risk service

Baby Steps

Ante-natal programme helping vulnerable parents cope with the pressures of having a baby.
Baby Steps service

Caring Dads: Safer Children

Helping fathers see the impact their violent behaviour has on their children and how they can make positive changes for the future.
Caring Dads: Safer Children service

Changing Together

We are discovering why children from BME communities are vulnerable and how our services can best reach them.
Changing Together service

Coping with Crying

Helping parents to keep calm and soothe their crying baby.
Coping with Crying service

Domestic Abuse, Recovering Together

Helping mums and children strengthen their relationship after domestic abuse.
DART - Domestic Abuse, Recovering Together service

Evidence Based Decisions

Reviewing family situations to protect children at risk of harm.
Evidence Based Decisions service

Face to Face

Improving the emotional well-being of children in care, or who may go into care, by helping them find solutions to problems affecting their lives.
Face to Face service

Family Group Conferencing

Family Group Conferencing facilitates decision-making in child protection.
Family Group Conferencing service


Support and life skills for children who live with mums or dads with mental health difficulties.
Family SMILES service

Family Environment: Drug Using Parents (FEDUP)

Protecting children living with adult drug and alcohol misuse.
FEDUP - Family Environment: Drug Using Parents service

Graded Care Profile

Assessing the care of children and identifying neglect.
Graded Care Profile service

Improving parenting, improving practice

Helping parents who are struggling to care for their children.
Improving parenting, improving practice service

Letting the Future In

Letting the Future In helps children who have been sexually abused to recover.
Letting the Future In service

Minding the Baby

Minding the Baby is an early intervention programme designed to enhance the mother's relationship with her child.
Minding the Baby service

National Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (NCATS)

Treating young high risk people who show the most serious kinds of harmful sexual behaviour.
National Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (NCATS)

New Orleans Intervention Model

Reducing the risk of abuse or neglect by helping professionals assess if children should stay in care.
New Orleans Intervention Model service

Parents Under Pressure™

Improving parenting in families with drug or alcohol issues.
Parents Under Pressure™ service

Protect and Respect

For young people who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation or who have been sexually exploited.
Protect and Respect service


Encouraging, informing and promoting better parenting to protect young children from harm.
SafeCare® service

Safeguarding Through Advocacy

Helping children and young people in care have their say about decisions that affect their lives.
Safeguarding Through Advocacy service

Taking Care

Helping to make sure children only return home from care when it’s safe and with the right support.
Taking Care service

Turn the Page

We protect children from the most common type of contact sexual abuse.
Turn the Page service

Women as Protectors

Helping mums and carers who are in contact with a man who poses a risk of sexual harm to children.
Women as Protectors service

Young Witness Service

Supporting young witnesses to give evidence in court in Northern Ireland.
Young Witness Service

Helping keep children safe

Providing the best services for children and young people

By using our knowledge to show others the way forward, we can help many more children.

We test the effectiveness of every service and we share what we learn with others who are working to protect children.

Together, we can help keep more children safe.

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