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Give children the knowledge to prevent abuse. Protect a generation

On average, at least two children in every classroom of every primary school have suffered abuse or neglect. Yet they can wait months, or even years, before contacting us or getting any kind of help.

We cannot leave these children to suffer in silence.

Our groundbreaking ChildLine Schools Service will visit every primary school in every community in the UK to talk to children about abuse and where to get help if they need it. We'll continue to visit each of these schools every two years.

Imagine a generation of children who have the knowledge to prevent abuse

We believe it's possible. And with your support, we can make it happen, one primary school at a time.

Your donation  will help us train volunteers to visit local primary schools and teach children about abuse, giving them the confidence to talk about it, the knowledge to prevent it, and the courage to find help if they ever need it.

Your support can help us to empower an entire generation and save many thousands of children from the devastating effects of abuse.

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How your donation will help children in your community

We cannot make this lasting change without you. Your donation can make a huge difference:

  • £12 will help us reach one child.
  • £30 could pay for a volunteer to have the materials they need to deliver the service to at least 720 children.
  • £50 could pay for 1,000 children to create their own 'Buddy kit' to remind them how to stay safe.

The ChildLine Schools Service is vital if we are to give children the knowledge they need to live the childhood they deserve. Every penny counts.

Together we can give children the knowledge to prevent abuse.

Together, we can protect a generation.

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