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Hall of Fame 2007

Torey Hayden

Torey Hayden is a child psychologist, special education teacher, university lecturer and writer of non-fiction books based on her real-life experiences with teaching and counselling children with special needs.

Why Torey was nominated into the NSPCC Hall of Fame

Best selling author Torey Hayden is a committed and valued NSPCC supporter having been involved with the charity since the Talk ‘til it stops campaign in 2005.

Torey’s books are based on her real-life experiences teaching and counselling children with special needs. Her background as a child psychologist and special education teacher gives her a natural empathy with children. She is passionate about making their lives better, and the NSPCC’s mission to end cruelty to children.

Torey speaks publically of her support for the NSPCC and has actively backed three of the NSPCC’s campaigning milestones through her writing, media work and fundraising.  She continues to inspire her fans to help the NSPCC - including organising a sponsored walk -  and regularly promotes the NSPCC at her own events.

Torey says:

"I have worked all my adult life with young people from backgrounds of abuse, deprivation and neglect. Consequently, I know only too well how far-reaching the effects of a difficult childhood are, not only for the individuals themselves but for society as a whole.  The NSPCC plays a vital role in changing attitudes and providing guidance and protection to vulnerable children in the UK today.  To know my support has played a small part in making these things happen is profoundly gratifying and I am deeply honoured to be included in the 2007 Hall of Fame."

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