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Don't wait until you're certain

Contact the NSPCC if you are worried about a child or need advice

Recent media coverage has heightened public awareness of child sexual abuse.

In response to an unprecedented surge in willingness to take action, our
'Don't wait until you're certain' national television campaign urges the public to contact the NSPCC helpline and report their concerns about a child.

A poll by the NSPCC and YouGov shows that less than one in five (17 per cent) would report concerns as soon as they arose.

This is supported by our own findings that almost half of people who contact the helpline have waited over a month to get in touch.

Help us spread the word: anyone who is worried about a child can
contact the NSPCC helpline now and stop children suffering from abuse.

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Watch 'The $#*! Kids Say' film

Dominic West supports the campaign

Star of stage and screen Dominic West has recorded a short video urging anyone who has concerns to contact our helpline services.

We would like to thank Dominic for taking time out of his busy schedule to get involved with the campaign.

Watch Dominic West's video

Dr Linda: "To a child being abused, every day can seem like a lifetime"

TV psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos uses her guest blog on Netmums to highlight the importance of reporting your concerns about a child to the NSPCC - even if you're not sure.

Read Dr Linda's post on Netmums website

Stories from our helpline

Our Don't wait until you're certain campaign aims to stress the importance of reporting child abuse immediately.

Read about Monica who contacted the NSPCC helpline to report the abuse of her daughter's friend.

Read Monica's story

The importance of listening to children

Communication is crucial to children's development and wellbeing.

Read our practical guide for parents on taking the time to listen and talk to children in daily life and challenging situations.

Read our guide 'Listening to children'

Support our helpline

Text 'TALK02' to 70070 to donate £2 to the NSPCC's helpline.

NSPCC helpline

Worried about a child?

Report your concern or get advice and support on our free 24/7 adult helpline by phone, text or online.

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Sexual abuse advice for parents

Read our advice on the sexual behaviour of children and teenagers and how to talk to them about sexual abuse.

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Download What can I do: guide for parents

Our free guide 'What can I do?' which provides more information and advice on how to protect your child from sexual abuse.

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Follow #TalkToNSPCC on Twitter and join the conversation about tackling child abuse.

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Are you a child?

Do you need to talk? Call ChildLine on 0800 1111 or visit us online.

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