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Supporting children in Northern Ireland who have to give evidence in court

Being made to go to a court building can be terrifying for a child. It’s an intimidating environment where children fear seeing or bumping into their alleged attacker. That’s what makes our Young Witness Service so vital.

How you can play your part

boy talkingYou’ll need to be available

  • for an 8-day training programme
  • weekdays, including evenings
  • to attend court proceedings and attend support visits with children and their families

You’ll need to be the kind of person who:

  • has 1 year’s experience of caring and support work
  • can communicate and engage with children, their families and professionals involved
  • is good at building relationships
  • remains calm and reassuring in stressful situations
  • copes with distressing information appropriately
  • has basic admin and note-taking skills

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Training and support for you

As a volunteer for the service – working with social workers and other trained staff – you'll be provided with all the support and training you need to play your part:

  • 8-day training programme
  • ongoing supervision
  • refresher days – 2 a year
  • group volunteer meetings

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Order in Court

We're campaigning for vital changes to make our justice system fair, age appropriate, and fit for children.
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Supporting mums and carers in protecting children from sexual abuse

When a mum, or other female carer, finds out someone in her life may have sexually abused a child, she can feel isolated and worried about the safety of her children.

Women as Protectors is a group programme for mums and other female carers who have a relationship with a man who poses a risk of sexual harm to children. It could be her current or ex-partner, or someone else in her family who is in close contact with her and her children.

How you can play your part

girl listeningVolunteers play a vital role in the Women as Protectors programme. You can be a valuable source of support to a woman who might feel alone or judged by others.

You can help a family to move forward after a sexual abuse case or allegation, and help keep children safe. It's a challenging role but it's also rewarding – and we're looking for women to join this unique service.

We're looking for women volunteers who are 21 years old or above and want to give support to a mum or carer. We currently have opportunities available in Belfast, Croydon, Nottingham, Stoke and York.

You'd be matched with a woman who is taking part in the programme and has completed a series of group sessions with us. Over the course of 12 to 18 months, you would:

    • provide emotional and some practical support to a mum or carer

    • suggest ways she can support her children

    • help and encourage her to make friends and take part in activities

    • let us know if you're concerned about the mum or children in any way

To begin with, you might meet up once a week for around 2 hours. As the woman you're supporting becomes more confident, your visits would decrease to fortnightly and then monthly towards the end of the programme. You'd need to be able to commit to volunteering for at least 1 year.

Training and support for you

You'll meet with your supervisor at the NSPCC and other volunteers, who'll give you support. And throughout the year, we'll give you training to help you in your role.

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Volunteer for Women as Protectors

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Help support the mental wellbeing of soon-to-be and new parents

Our innovative new Pregnancy in Mind programme works with soon-to-be-parents during pregnancy and the first year after birth to equip them with skills that support their mental wellbeing.

They'll attend a series of sessions with NSPCC practitioners that'll give them tools to help increase their resilience and adopt coping techniques when experiencing mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

Improving mental wellbeing is proven to help parents to bond with their unborn child, pave the way for improved mental health in parenthood and lay foundations for strong family relationships. 

How you can play your part

Pregnant woman

As a volunteer, you'll support parents and our practitioners at each stage of this programme, so the role is very diverse. You'll work as part of a small team to support parents every step of the way as they progress through pregnancy and into the early weeks and months of parenthood.

You'll provide reassurance and be a friendly face to help them feel comfortable in attending sessions. You'll also support them to make use of the skills they've learned afterwards through setting up and running drop in sessions.

As a volunteer peer supporter for the Pregnancy in Mind programme you'll:

  • provide reassurance and information to the families in the run up to joining the group, through calls and texts
  • be a friendly face at the group sessions; supporting the practitioners with the set-up and delivery of the sessions and chatting to the families to see how they're getting on
  • after the sessions with the practitioners are complete you and the volunteer team will plan and facilitate informal drop in sessions where the parents can reflect on their learning, feel a sense of community and practice the skills they've gained. These will run through the final weeks of pregnancy and the first year of parenthood.

We're looking for warm and compassionate volunteers who have excellent listening and communication skills. You must have a strong commitment to safeguarding children and young people and to inclusion and equality. 

We currently have opportunities available in Leeds and Swindon and in other areas across Wiltshire.

Training and support for you

Before starting your role with us, you'll receive a comprehensive induction to equip you with all the skills you need to plan and deliver excellent drop in sessions. Because the parents we work with have mental health issues, it’s important that all our volunteers are highly skilled. Throughout the training, you'll receive ongoing assessment and support to ensure you meet the standards necessary for this role.

You'll be provided with regular ongoing supervision and training in order to ensure you feel confident in your role and continue to develop your skills.

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Volunteer for Pregnancy in Mind

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Helping service users to reach our support

Sometimes it's not possible for a vulnerable child and young person to make their way to our service centres around the UK.

For instance, Croydon service centre offers vital services including Face to Face, Letting the Future In, and Protect and Respect which look after children and young people in care, those recovering from sexual abuse, and those at risk of being sexually exploited. This is why it's so important that these young people can make it there.

And in Glasgow, we support young families to help them cope with the pressures of being a parent and reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect.

If you can spare a few hours a week and own a car, you can provide the support we need.

The NSPCC helps to transform the lives of children, young people and families through a range of one-to-one and group work services.

Volunteer drivers play a key role in helping these vulnerable children and young people to access vital services they might not otherwise be able to reach.

We're looking for enthusiastic, reliable, and committed people who can give our children and young people a sense of security whilst travelling to and from their sessions with us.

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Training and support for you

As a volunteer for our services, you'll be provided with all the support and training you need to play your part:

    • safeguarding training
    • health and safety training
    • ongoing supervision
    • travel expenses

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