Multi-faith safeguarding hub How to protect children and young people within religious or faith settings

6 faiths in the multi-faith safeguarding hub and inter-faithFaith-based groups and places of worship play a major role in the lives of many children and young people. This means safeguarding must be a key consideration in all faith settings.

We look at how to approach safeguarding from within the beliefs, teachings and cultural context of faith communities.

Safeguarding and faith can work together to protect children

Nurturing, respecting and caring for children is part of the teachings and values of all major faiths. There is a general expectation to care for all life and a duty to support those in society who most need care and protection.

We define safeguarding as the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm.

Recognising the shared aim to provide a safe environment for children to actively participate can help to bring safeguarding practices into the practices of a faith.

Inter-faith learning and practice

Sharing experiences within faiths or looking to other faiths can help everyone to develop and improve safeguarding practices. 

Inter-faith groups, organisations, initiatives and events are also good oppourtunities to learn from other communities who may have very different traditions and beliefs.

Learning examples

See what advice our safeguarding experts give to a range of different issues and situations experienced by faith groups and communities.
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Our team of safeguarding experts have provided support to many faith groups, talked at inter-faith events and given advice on specific cases. Find out how we can help you integrate safeguarding practices in your faith community.

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Working with children, families and communities of faith

Understanding more about a child's faith and the role faith plays in family life is important for anyone working with children, families or communities.

It can help when considering appropriate ways to approach conversations around child protection and child safety.

Safeguarding of children should be the focus of all actions.

Children need to be protected irrespective of cultural sensitivities. Under UK law, different practices are no excuse for child abuse or neglect.

More information about faiths or religions

The Inter Faith Network produced guidance and briefings to help build good relations and promote mutual respect and understanding between people of different faiths and beliefs.

Living Faiths series of digital resources. It aims to show how faiths are practised and lived in people’s daily lives, and can be used to inform students and to encourage discussion and debate.

The Happy Cultural planner (PDF) lists religious festivals throughout the year. RE:Online also provide a religious festivals calendar.

Resources for safeguarding in a faith community

Reports, films, toolkits and websites of organisations from our library catalogue to help you protect children within a faith community from abuse and neglect.

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