Impact and evidence Using evaluation, research and evidence to protect children and prevent abuse

Staff in a meetingLearning about what works in the fight against abuse and neglect is central to what we do.

We're committed to carrying out research and evaluation to make sure that approaches we're taking are the right ones.

Find out how we're taking an evidence-based approach to helping children, read our service evaluations, research and literature reviews and use our evaluation toolkit to evaluate your service.

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Evaluation of Parents Under Pressure™

Evaluation of a service delivered by the NSPCC to support families where a parent has alcohol or substance misuse problems.
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Deliver NSPCC services in your area

Find out how our Scale-up unit supports organisations to deliver our evidence-based services.

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Taking an evidence-based approach to helping children

What we've learnt

Our impact and evidence series presents findings from our evaluations and research into what works in preventing child abuse.

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How we evaluate our services

We choose the best approach for the question we're trying to answer - whether we're learning about something very innovative or something that's well developed.
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What we're doing

We test our services for effectiveness so that we can make sure they're the best they can be.

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Sharing what works

Read our latest research, leaflets, guidance and evaluations that share what we've learned from our services for children and families.

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Our evaluation toolkit

Tools for measuring outcomes

We want to share our experiences of using standardised measures in our evaluations so that we can help others who are looking at evaluation methods.

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Ethics and guidance

To ensure that all our research is ethical we have detailed guidance and all our studies have to be approved by our Research Ethics Committee.

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How we report concerns

We've developed guidance based on existing policies and procedures for our evaluators on when to report concerns and how.

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Evaluation reading list

See evaluations by other organisations in our Library catalogue

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Useful websites

Visit our library for a list of websites that provide information and guidance about evaluations.

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