Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Every person has the right to be their true self and to live a full life without prejudice, fear, or barriers. This belief is at the heart of everything we do and underpins our EDI vision.

Read our full EDI charter
Read our full EDI charter

We are committed to being there for all children and young people. 

Every person has the right to be their true self and to live a full life without prejudice, fear, or barriers. This belief is at the heart of everything we do. And through this, we can do right by everyone involved with the NSPCC and all those we work to support.

Our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) vision

“Together, we can remove real and perceived barriers, valuing everybody who volunteers with, works for, supports or benefits from our work.”

Why is this so important to us? 

As a society, we need to promote mutual respect in a way that truly values individuality and difference, and we need to play our part in that. The society we want to see for our children – and for all of us – is one that embraces individuals for who they are.

We’re always stronger together. And it’s time we all work together to create a future for children that nurtures the richness of our collective diversity and what every person uniquely contributes to the world. We know that understanding and breaking down systemic and institutional barriers and prejudices to create an equal and fair society has to start with us.

We’re led by the following five principles

We publicly share our diversity data; in relation to our workforce and, where we’re able to, those we are here to serve and support.

We may not always get it right, but we acknowledge when we get it wrong. And we promise to learn from this so we can avoid repeating the same mistakes. 

We don’t always have all the answers. But when we don’t know the answers, we ask the right questions and work with the right people to become better informed.

We work with and alongside others in partnership to champion and learn from their experiences, expertise and insight. By standing with and amplifying the work of others we achieve far more than we can alone.

We are committed to making a positive change in the world. We use knowledge learned from our people, our partners, and those we are here to support. This lets us be more focused and effective in how we reach different people with our resources and services. 

How are we putting what we say into practice?

Words are all well and good. But to make a positive difference, it takes action. And this is a journey we’re truly committed to. Since creating our EDI vision in 2019, we have taken a number of steps forward to create meaningful change. 

A large part of this has been our new EDI strategy, which puts a focus on fixing the imbalances we found in accessing the NSPCC (our services and supporter base). Much of our new strategy and work has been built around research and conversations with organisations representing diverse and marginalised groups, as well as speaking with children and young people of different ages, ethnicity, faith, gender, disability, sexuality, geography, experience of the child protection system and levels of deprivation. 

We are continuing to regularly assess and adapt our services and activities to make sure, as far as possible, they are accessible and relevant to all children and young people.

This is only the beginning. But the path we are on is helping us create diversity among our staff and volunteers, but also strengthening our efforts to represent all children and young people we seek to serve and support - as well as the diverse communities they live and grow up in.

We believe every childhood is worth fighting for and we are committed to leading the fight until every child can be their true self and live a full life.