Partner with us

Our work wouldn't be possible without the generous support of our corporate partners. Discover who we're working with, what it's like to partner with us and how we're making a difference for children together.

Spotlight on: Lidl UK

During our 7-year partnership, Lidl have raised over £9 million and changed the lives of millions of children .

In 2017, we welcomed the beginning of a 3-year partnership that made 1 million primary school children safer through our Speak out Stay safe programme. 

In 2020, Lidl began supporting our life-changing Childline service. Raising more than £2 million in 2 years Lidl enabled us to train 930 new Childline volunteers and provide nearly 78,000 counselling sessions.

Since 2022, Lidl has continued to support Childline with a focus on young people's mental health. Mental health remains the most common reason for children and young people to contact Childline. It can take just one conversation with our councillors to help a child understand they’re not alone, that someone is listening, and their feelings are valid. The partnership has allowed us to be there for those children.

Thank you for every Lidl thing you’ve done to help support children and young people.