Young People's Board for Change

Aged 13 – 16 and want to have your voice heard? Apply now for our new Board

Are you between 13-16 or know someone who is? 

We are looking for 15 young people from across the UK to join our Young People’s Board for Change. The YPBC will speak out and share their views and ideas with decision-makers like NSPCC trustees, staff and politicians. Members will get involved fun projects and travel across the country to take part in residentials, meetings, and workshops.

To apply, the first step is to fill out an online application form and a parent/carer consent form. This is so we can find out a bit more about you and why you want to take part. You’ll need to send the application to us by 11 January 2021 and be available for a virtual interview with our friendly team between 18 - 21 January 2021. 

Why should I join?

  • Take part in exciting new experiences and opportunities
  • Meet other young people who also want to make a difference
  • Get involved and make change happen at the NSPCC
  • Most importantly…have lots of fun!

Application forms and information






Application form

Parent/carer consent form

Young person's information sheet

Parent carer information sheet

More information

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If you become a member of the YPBC, we'll ask you to:

  • come to monthly sessions and workshops with the rest of the YPBC
  • train and develop lots of important skills like campaigning, public speaking and more
  • use your voice to share your views and ideas with key decisionmakers
    at the NSPCC, like our trustees and other staff
  • work with our national and regional campaigns teams to campaign for change
  • work with the rest of the YPBC and two NSPCC young trustees to champion young people’s voices throughout the work of the NSPCC
  • take action on topics that matter to you. This will involve meeting and working together in smaller groups, sometimes with other young people who are not on the board, so you can find out what their views are.
  • represent the YPBC at exciting events.


When you join us, we'd like you to become a committed member. This will mean:

  • being part of the Board from January 2021 to January 2023
  • attending all online and face-to-face meetings (including up to three weekend or half-term residentials each year)
  • sharing your views and ideas, and telling us what you think about what we do. Tell us what we should be doing and what we could do better for children and young people
  • getting excited about working in a team of 15 other young people from the UK 
  • listening to others and respecting their views if they're different to yours
  • trying new things and taking part in new experiences, like attending meetings with NSPCC decision-makers 

9107-exp-2021-02.jpgResidentials are a really exciting opportunity to stay away from home in different parts of the UK, spend time with other members and take action. Each residential will happen over a weekend and NSPCC will cover the costs so that you can attend for free. On a residential you will get to.

On a residential, you'll get to:

  • do lots of activities and workshops to get to know each other better as a team
  • take action on the topics that matter to you. This will involve meeting and working together in smaller groups and working with other young people who are not on the board to find out what their views are
  • train to develop your confidence and important skills like campaigning, public speaking and more!
  • play games and have fun in the evenings after a busy day

We ask that one parent/carer attends the first residential to learn about the Young People’s Board for change and your role. We will pay for them to attend with you

It doesn’t cost anything to join. We will cover the cost of travel, accommodation and other expenses, like food, when you come to any in-person events and meetings. All of these details will be shared with you and your parent/carer before any meetings or events.

We're looking for 13-16-year olds who:

  • have an interest in improving the lives of children and young people
  • are prepared to listen to others and respect their views
  • are willing to work with others, local groups and contribute to the board to the best of their ability 
  • can attend all meetings and workshops (dates will be shared in

What teens can gain from the YPBC

As a member of  our Young People’s Board for Change, they will get to:

  • travel across the country to take part in residentials, meetings, consultations and workshops.
  • have their voices heard, by other young people, NSPCC trustees, staff, politicians and decision-makers.
  • train and learn (while being supported) how to seek the views of other children and young people by using a variety of methods
  • meet loads of other young people and have lots of fun

Child protection

We are committed to the protection of children and young people, and to the creation of a working culture where children and young people are valued and safeguarded. That means that all our staff are expected to work  our child protection policy and procedures. To create a safe environment for children and staff where poor practice is challenged, we make sure that all staff are:

    • police-checked, and references are taken to verify staff
    • supervised and supported in their work
    • work to our child protection procedures which are
      reviewed and updated as necessary
    • trained in child protection at a level appropriate to
      their work situation
    • able to raise concerns about poor or dangerous practice through the
      NSPCC’s child protection procedures and whistleblowing policy.
    • All our events are fully risk assessed

We also ensure that insurance details are obtained and verified for any extternal venues that we use. 

Next steps and further information

If you think your child would like to join the YPBC, please complete the application form [insert link] and send it back to us by [date]. 

If you have any more questions, please contact Zazie Clarke:




Stuck, or need help with applying? Contact our friendly Participation team: