Tandem skydive jump

The Big Skydive 2022


15 locations across the UK

Registration: £35 Sponsorship: £425

If the sky's the limit for what you'll do to help children, then we have the challenge for you!

Join #TeamNSPCC at sites across the country for The Big Skydive 2022 on Saturday 3 or Sunday 4 September. Enjoy breath-taking views as you descend through the clouds from over 10,000 feet and raise money for crucial services for children.

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"This is the most exhilarating thing I have done for NSPCC to protect the children. It was the best experience of my life."
Archana, #TeamNSPCC

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Looking for an unforgettable thrill? Register for only £35 and commit to raising a minimum of £425 to support children.

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Charity fundraising ideas

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As the world is changing daily, so is the way people are fundraising for charity and asking for sponsorship. We’re here to help you think of fundraising in a different and safe way during this time.

Did you know… Donations made via Just Giving are paid to the NSPCC once a week. This means we put every donation to use immediately - so we can continue to be there for children.

Here's our handy guide to how you might get your fundraising started (and have fun at the same time!):

  • Online pub quiz - £100
    You don’t need to be at your local to hold a quiz. Get online and use a video conference platform to host one instead. Ask individuals to donate in return for taking part. 

  • Hold an online class - £100
    You may be a teacher, fancy yourself as a fitness guru or think you can teach a musical instrument. Why not reach out to friends and family and host a class?

  • Have a clear out - £150
    Having a big sort out is great during any time of the year. Sell your unwanted clothes and accessories online to rack up the cash.


Your donation could go towards Childline or it could help us fund the NSPCC's therapeutic services or Speak Out Stay Safe. Donations are distributed based on need.