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Whether you join our Concept Club, make a gift, or donate as a trust, your support can have an enormous impact on the services we provide for children.

We appreciate every donation, big or small, but by making a major gift you can make an enormous impact on our services for children and families.


Join our Concept Club and invest in a future free from child abuse

The world is always changing - and with new technologies come new risks to children and young people. We need your help to develop services that will protect children today and prevent abuse tomorrow.

As an independent charity, we receive almost 90% of our funding from our supporters. Without your donations, we wouldn't be able to run our services or reach the children and young people who need us most. Get in touch with Constance Greenfield to find out more about Concept Club.

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How does Concept Club work?

Illustration of clipboard saying Pledge £5000 pounds to become a member of Concept ClubEach member of our Concept Club donates a £5,000 pledge to help us develop a portfolio of exciting new concepts. As the projects develop, you have the opportunity to continue to give, helping to progress and scale needed services.

With your help, we can develop cutting-edge new services and programmes to be the future front-line of our fight against child abuse.

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Your help can make a difference

Female care worker in counselling session with young boy, playing with building blocks

By supporting Concept Club, you’ll be helping us to develop ideas for tools and services to keep children safe. We’ll then train other organisations to use the successful ideas we develop, helping us to reach more children than ever.

We developed our GCP2 tool to help identify more children being neglected, by taking into account the full picture at home. Neglect is the most common form of abuse in the UK, but it’s very difficult to spot.

By developing our GCP2 tool then sharing it with other organisations, we were able to reach over 10,000 children and families in need.

Help us to develop more tools and services for children by joining Concept club.

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Other ways to make a major gift

By making a major gift, your genorosity will have a significant impact on our services for children and young people - from answering more calls on Childline to presenting at more schools with our Speak out Stay Safe programme to help keep children safe

Our major donations range from £5,000 to over £1 million, and every donation helps us to be there for children and families who need us, now and in the future.

"My first introduction to the work of the NSPCC came at a private dinner in Manchester and what became clear is that the NSPCC and Childline are doing fantastic work on behalf of the vulnerable young people across the country and fully deserve support. I feel privileged that we are able to help and I know that together we can really make a difference."
Sir Norman Stoller

Thinking about making a major gift? 

Concept Club isn't the only way you can support our work. If you're interested in donating in other ways, our team will be happy to help. Contact us today for more information about how you can support our fight for every childhood. 

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There were over 250,000 Childline counselling sessions with children and young people last year

Explanation: Childline provided 250,281 counselling sessions to children and young people in 2018/19.

We aim to reach every primary school in the UK

Explanation: We're expanding our Speak out Stay safe programme with the aim of reaching every primary school in the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.