Young People's Board for Change

Our Young People’s Board for Change are here to steer, advise on, and influence our work.

Meet our Young People’s Board for Change

In January 2021, we launched the recruitment for our new Young People’s Board for Change.

We received an amazing 250 applications and we want to thank everyone for their interest and time in applying. If you didn’t gain a place on the Board there are still lots of ways that you can get involved and support our work.

If you would like to find out more about our work please email our Participation team who will be happy to share upcoming activities and how you can support.

Who are the new Young People’s Board for Change members?

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We’ve recruited fifteen young people from across the UK, aged 13-16 years. These young people will be in these posts for two years and are responsible for helping to steer, advise on and influence our work.

The 15 young people selected have varied life experiences and will use the platform to raise awareness of what matters most to young people, act and make change happen – while also having a key role advising staff and trustees.

Board member Will, aged 15, said:

“This opportunity was one I could not pass up. The chance to make positive change in the world with other like-minded teenagers is something I would cherish.

As a member, I have so many ideas on current affairs and how they affect young people and would enjoy being able to be a part of helping create an environment where all young people regardless of gender, sexuality or race have equal and fair chances to make their way in the world and to always feel safe.”

What are the Young People’s Board for Change working on?

The board have had the chance to meet teams from across the NSPCC and voted to choose five key areas they want to prioritise working on. They will be working: 

  • with our Safeguarding team to look at how we explain to young people how we keep them safe and how young people can raise worries if they have concerns about their friends
  • on helping us develop a secondary school offer around healthy relationships 
  • to help us review how we promote our resources and services to young people online
  • with our Campaigns team to support a campaign that aims to keep children and young people safe online 
  • on advising us on how we can strengthen our youth volunteering offer.

Board members Elan and Gracie said:

“As young people, we all felt really connected to these projects because we could see how they could affect our lives directly, and how they could improve our communities.

Allowing young people to be part of these projects right at the beginning is not only a great honour, but also helps us shape them so they will have an impact on young people. We, as young people, are so directly connected to these issues, with direct experience of how these things are affecting our generation and ways in which we can strive to make it better!”

How you can get involved

The Board will also be working in their local regions to find out the views and ideas other young people have in their communities.

If you’d like to be involved in our regional work to help other children and young people share what matters most to them, get in touch with our Participation team.

Interested in joining the next Young People’s Board for Change?

We’ll be recruiting a new group of young people to join the Board in December 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for more info nearer the time.