Young People's Participation at the NSPCC

At the NSPCC we are inspired and led by children and young people. We want to hear from you!

Participation means ‘taking part’. At the NSPCC, this means we will listen to and work with children and young people so they are involved in the decisions that affect them.

There are lots of ways that you can get involved in the work that we do at the NSPCC. Whether you want to apply to be a member of our Young People’s Board for Change, join The Collective or tell us your views in another way – your thoughts are important to us.


The Young People’s Board for Change was launched to give young people the chance to shape and influence our work and is an important part of making sure that young people are right at the heart of our decision making.

Board for Change members meet monthly over their two-year term and discuss issues they care about as well as giving advice to the NSPCC on the work we do. The next round of recruitment will be in 2025. Keep an eye on this page or sign up to The Collective for updates! 

Read more about the YPBC priorities here 


The Collective


The Collective is a space for you to inspire and lead. The Collective was created by the NSPCC to get young people involved with what we do - keeping children safe. But we can’t do that without making sure that young people like you are at the heart of our work.   

Through becoming part of The Collective, we want all young people to have a platform where they can amplify the issues they care most about, share their thoughts and ideas, and help us create lasting change for future generations.

You will receive a monthly newsletter with opportunities where you can make a real impact - from shaping our services and campaigns to contributing to cutting-edge research. 

So, are you ready to make a difference?

Sign up now and join our new movement for young people


Other ways we hear from young people


The NSPCC is a big organisation and we do a lot of different things. It is important to us that your views and opinions are heard no matter what part of the NSPCC you are involved in.

From Childline messaging boards to young people’s campaign groups in our Together for Childhood sites, we have a whole range of ways to get involved. If you're accessing one of our services, speak to your worker about opportunities for you. 


Participation strategy


Our participation strategy is a plan which explains how we will achieve our goals. It explains how and why we need to improve the way we work with children and young people. We want to make sure that young people shape and influence everything that we do.

Read more here



Stuck, or need help with applying?

Contact our friendly Participation team: [email protected].