Our asks to the new UK government

We're asking the government to keep children safe.

We believe that every childhood is worth fighting for. Now we’re asking the UK government to join us and prioritise keeping children safe.

The UK government must prioritise protecting children

Over the next five years, MPs can speak up for children, vote for laws to keep them safe, and improve the lives of young people across the UK and in your local area.

Whether you have a new MP or your MP was re-elected, this is your chance to ask them to prioritise protecting children.

Will you ask your MP to be a champion for children?


We know that 1 in 5 children in the UK have experienced abuse and neglect by the time they turn 18.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.
We can stop abuse and neglect before it happens. And for those children who have experienced abuse, we can make sure they get the support they need to recover.

Together, we can make sure children enjoy safe, healthy and happy childhoods. To create the change children need, MPs and the new UK government must join us.

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Less than 4 in 10 children in the UK feel positive about the future of the country and the world.

Along with other leading children's charities (Action for Children, Barnardo's, the National Children's Bureau, and The Children's Society), we're calling on the Prime Minister to be a champion for children.

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We want the new UK government to

Demand for children’s social care is rising. Our social care system needs reform and it needs to be resourced properly to support children and families. Right now, it’s under pressure supporting families in crisis. But we know that by offering families early support and help when they first need it, we can stop their problems escalating and reduce the chances of them reaching crisis point.

We’re calling on the next government to reform children’s social care and invest in making sure that children and their families have the support they need, when they first need it. That way, we can make sure children are safer, happier, and healthier.

Together, we can make sure every baby, child, young person and family gets the right support and the right time.

Right now, the law in England and Northern Ireland allows for the physical punishment of children. This means that children have less protection from physical assault than adults. It’s unacceptable that children, the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society, are the least protected from physical harm.

Decades of research shows that physical punishment is harmful to children – its impact is felt long after the punishment itself has ended. It’s linked to worsening child behaviour problems and mental health difficulties. We must be clear that physical punishment should never be part of any childhood.

We want to remove the ‘reasonable punishment’ defence so that children have full protection in law. In Scotland and Wales, the defence has already been removed. England and Northern Ireland must join them.

The first few years of a child’s life lay the foundations for their future physical and mental health. We want every baby to grow up safe, healthy and happy.

Every baby, parent, and carer should receive the support they need, no matter where they live. Whether it’s mental health support for parents or support for the relationship between parents and their young children– there should be help available for all families.

The next UK Government can make sure this happens. They need to invest in and roll out Family Hubs across England, as well as rebuilding a strong health visiting workforce. The next Government must make sure that every baby grows up in a safe, stable and happy home.

Education can play a vital role in protecting children and young people. We want to keep young people safe from abuse and help them access support when they need it.

That’s why we must support young people to recognise healthy and unhealthy relationships, and when something is wrong - in school and outside of it.

Young people have told us they want education that’s relevant to the reality of their lives. They want to learn in a safe and trusted environment.

We’re asking the next UK Government to implement high-quality, inclusive, age-appropriate Relationships, Sex, and Health Education (RHSE) across England. This should be alongside adequate training for teachers so they can deliver the education young people deserve.

The online world is an integral part of children's lives. Children and young people play and socialise online. They also learn online and use vital services. But they face significant and unacceptable risks to their safety. We need solutions to keep children safe online. We want all children to safely access the benefits of the online world.

Together we have successfully campaigned to pass the Online Safety Act – the first step to making sure every child is safe online. Now we need to make sure it leads to real change for children. We need strong implementation of the regulation to make sure children are protected online. As technology continues to develop, the next Government needs to make sure that the regulator, Ofcom, and tech companies do everything possible to keep children safe.

They should also listen to young people to learn how best to protect them online – they are the experts in their own lives. The next Government must give young people a voice and make sure they are heard.

Children who have experienced abuse and neglect are entitled to support that will help them rebuild their lives. We want the next Government to make sure children can access the support they need, when they need it the most.

Young victims and witnesses often struggle in a justice system that is not designed or equipped to meet their unique needs. And children face a “postcode lottery” when trying to access support. We can change this.

Together, we can call on the next UK Government to make sure young witnesses and victims can access therapeutic services to recover from abuse and neglect, wherever they live. We want to see services for victims and witnesses, including healthcare, justice and policing brought together in ‘Child Houses’ to offer child-centred support.


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With your help we've already changed the law

The Online Safety Act is now law

Together we have successfully campaigned to pass the Online Safety Act – the first step to making sure every child in the UK is safer online. Now we need to make sure it leads to real change for children.

Online Grooming is now illegal

In 2014 it wasn’t illegal in England and Wales for an adult to send a child a sexual message - thanks to our campaigning and your support, it now is.

Protecting children from sexual abuse

A loophole in the law meant some adults in positions of power - like sports coaches and faith leaders - could legally have sex with 16 and 17-year-olds who they were responsible for. Together, we changed the law in England, Wales and Northern Ireland so sports coaches and faith leaders are held to the same standards as teachers, doctors, and social workers.

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