Number Day 2025

It's not too early to sign-up to our next mega maths fundraising day on Friday 7 February 2025.

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Join thousands of schools and nurseries and take part in our fun filled day of maths!



Take part in numerical games, activities, and dress up for digits while raising money to support our services such as Speak out Stay safe and Childline.

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Planning your Number Day is as easy as...

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Save the date for Number Day on Friday 7 February 2025 and register, we will then provide you with everything you need to make your event a success!


Get planning

You will get access to our online resource page where you'll find:

  • FREE resources you can use in class, including NEW games and activities for 2025
  • great fundraising tips and ideas to help pupils and teachers raise money
  • adnoddau Cymraeg ar gael!


Spread the word

Share the news about what a fantastic day you're going to have, as well as key messages for keeping children safe. Our online resources page will give you access to:

  • FREE resources to help you promote your event across the school
  • access to FREE teacher resources to keep children safe from harm, including a class lesson plan and online safety quizzes for all ages.

Watch the Number Day video

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"Number Day is a fabulous day. The children really enjoy it and it is a great opportunity for children to apply their Maths skills to everyday scenarios."

Jo Carnall, Assistant Head, Marriott Primary, Leicester

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Why your support counts


The money you raise could help the NSPCC run its Speak out Stay safe programme to help children understand what abuse is and what to do if they're scared or worried.

Caroline’s seven-year-old son was sexually abused by a 13-year-old friend of the family. Luke’s behaviour had deteriorated over a period of months. After seeing one of the NSPCC’s Speak Out Stay Safe assemblies, Luke disclosed the abuse to his mum. She believes that he would never have spoken out without the service. They reported what had happened to the police and Luke is now doing well.


"If it hadn’t been for that assembly, I honestly think the abuse would still be happening. The Schools Service needs to keep happening so that children understand what is right and wrong. It gave my son the words to articulate what had happened to him and to be able to say it was not OK."
Caroline*, Luke's mum

*Names have been changed.

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