School fundraising resources

Download everything you need to make your fundraising event a success! Every penny you raise will help us protect more children, so thank you so much for choosing the NSPCC.

Schools fundraising information

Fundraising pack

This fundraising pack is full of information, so you can help your school fundraise for the NSPCC.


Schools council pack

A fundraising pack designed for school councils, to give students useful information about the NSPCC and the work we do.


Welsh schools council pack

A Welsh fundraising pack designed for school councils, to give students useful information about the NSPCC and the work we do.


Assembly plan

Use this to help plan an assembly to tell pupils about the NSPCC and your fundraising activity. 


Fundraising overview

Use this quick overview to discover how your fundraising can help support the vital work of the NSPCC.


Fundraising letter

This letter template can be used to let parents and carers know about your fundraising event and how their child can take part.


Event resources

Spread the word and promote your school fundraising event by using these handy resources.


Simply fill out the details of your fundraising event in this poster template and then stick up around your school and community.


Event invitation

Download this blank invitation that you can use to invite friends and family to take part in fundraising.


Event tickets

For any ticketed fundraising events you hold, download this ticket template and print off to use for your event. 


Make your own bunting

Get the children involved in helping decorate your event by having them create their own bunting using this template.


School bake sale resources

If you’re challenging your students to get baking, our bake sale resources are just what you need!

Baking recipes

Get some inspiration for your school bake sale with these delicious recipes.


Baking labels

Let people know what's on offer at your school bake sale using these labels.


Baking sheet

Challenge your students to see who can create a baking masterpiece, and use this baking sheet to keep score.


Make your own cake toppers

Decorate your cakes with these NSPCC-themed cake toppers. You can also make them edible by printing them on rice paper!


Other useful resources

Use these resources to help keep track of and pay in your fundraising.


Use our fundraising totaliser to set your school's fundraising target and keep track of all your progress.


Sponsorship form

If you’re running a sponsored event, download and print a sponsorship form for each pupil.


Paying-in form

Once you've completed your fundraising, use this paying-in form to donate what you've raised.