Safeguarding children and young people within faith settings

Watch our series of films on how to protect children within religious or faith settings

Multi-faith safeguarding filmsWe have produced 7 short films of people talking about their faith and how safeguarding is central to their beliefs and work.

The films are aimed at people working in faith settings and places of worship across the UK to help them keep children safe.

These resources are from the mutli-faith safeguarding hub that will be moving onto our website after the closure of the Safe Network service.

What the films show

The films focus on the 6 main faiths practised in the UK: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. Our last film shows leaders from all faiths and religions sharing their views on safeguarding issues and good practice.

The films give an insight into what faith teaches about the value of children and how to ensure young people are kept safe within a faith setting. They show:

  • people talking about their faith and how their work with children in a faith setting
  • safeguarding issues faced by faith communities and how best to respond to concerns
  • good practice examples to help improve the safeguarding of children in faith communities
  • examples of how religious teachings can be used to encourage people to value and respect children and young people and to keep them safe from harm
  • reflection on the diversity that exists within faith groups.








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