Our work in Jersey

Abuse can ruin childhoods. But with your help, we're working to prevent child abuse in Jersey – and help young people rebuild their lives.

Fighting for childhood in Jersey

We're supporting Jersey families when they need us, to help make sure children are given the best chance in life.

Abuse can ruin childhoods and the effects can last a lifetime. That's why we need your support to continue our work.

We offer several services from the Gower Centre in St Helier aimed to prevent abuse from happening. And our new partnership with States of Jersey will deliver therapy to children who've suffered sexual abuse through our Letting the Future In service. 

Make a donation today, and help us fight for every childhood in Jersey.

3 more ways to donate


If you're a Jersey resident, you can make a monthly donation online.


You can make a deposit at any branch of NatWest Bank, using a reference of your name and 'NSPCC Jersey'.

Take our details below into your local NatWest Bank:

Account number: 48776513
Sort Code: 60-00-01


You can make a donation in person at the NSPCC centre on Stopford Road by making an appointment. 

The Gower Centre
42-44 Stopford Road
St Helier

Tel: 01534 760800

For support and fundraising enquiries email: jerseyservicecentre@nspcc.org.uk 

Our services in Jersey 

Our award-winning services from the Gower Centre in St Helier are changing the lives of young people for the better.

Jersey Care Inquiry

Improving support for children after abuse 

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry was published on July 3 2017 following a major investigation into allegations of child abuse in Jersey's care system. Our representatives gave evidence alongside child protection experts and more than 450 people who lived in the care system or were connected to it from 1945 to the present. 

The final report identified significant failings in the care system and found children may still be at risk in Jersey. It made recommendations to improve the management and operation of Jersey's residential and foster homes, including the introduction of a Children’s Commissioner.  

A huge number of people experienced abuse during this time, and they deserve to see clear change so the failings of the past cannot happen again.

How we’re protecting children in Jersey

We’re calling for all recommendations from the inquiry to be acted on swiftly and effectively. And we’ll continue to work closely with the States of Jersey and other partners to ensure children are no longer at risk.

It’s vital to put measures in place to improve support for children who’ve suffered abuse. That’s why our services like Letting the Future In focus on helping children and families who’ve experienced abuse to rebuild their lives. 

Where to find us 

If you'd like to find out more about the services we run in Jersey, please get in touch. 

The Gower Centre
42 - 44 Stopford Road
St Helier

01534 760800
0800 090 2270