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If you've ever wondered what happens when you contact our helpline, or whether or not to call, here's one reason you should.

"The family next door had always been noisy. Their mum, Rachel was a single parent and had three children under 5 years old. Men would come and go, but the children always seemed happy enough so I never worried about them.

"That was until Rachel got a new boyfriend. He moved in with her and the kids quite quickly, and around that time I started to notice the children looking a bit scruffy. They started knocking on my door asking for food. I was happy to give it to them, but I was worried it might be their only meal that day.

"My other neighbours started to worry that Rachel or the new boyfriend was dealing drugs."
Rachel's neighbour

"The youngest always had a dirty nappy, and all of the children were getting really thin. Loud parties went on next door until the early hours, and there were lots of young people visiting the house day and night. My other neighbours started to worry that Rachel or the new boyfriend was dealing drugs. 

"In the weeks before I called the NSPCC things had got even worse. I hadn't seen the children for a while but could hear them from inside the house. I often saw Rachel and her boyfriend going out and leaving the children home alone – day and night. I waited for a time when the children were home alone and I made the call. 

"I'm so glad I called the NSPCC, and only wish I'd done it sooner."
Rachel's neighbour

I asked to talk anonymously and spoke to an advisor called Neil. He said he was going to phone the police to request a "safe and well" check. The police arrived at the house and left later with the children. I found out afterwards that the house was filthy. The police said they'd found used needles in the living room. 

I'm so glad I called the NSPCC, and only wish I'd done it sooner. The children went to live with their grandparents and I'm so much happier knowing that they're safe and looked after. Every child deserves that."

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Names and identifying features have been changed to protect identity. Photographs have been posed by models.

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