Childhood Day

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Half a million children a year suffer abuse in the UK. That means 7 children in a classroom experience abuse before they turn 18. 

What is Childhood Day?

Childhood Day is on the second Friday of June and brings everyone across the UK together to have fun and protect children! If you took part this year on 10 June, thank you so much. Whether you fundraised, donated, volunteered or took action, you played your part to help keep children safe.

Together, we can stop child abuse.

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Why your support matters

Everything you do for Childhood Day will help us protect children from abuse. Children like Emma, who was sexually and physically abused by her parents as a child.

"If only someone had picked up the phone and called the NSPCC Helpline. I feel certain that the abuse wouldn’t have been so severe or carried on for so long or damaged me as much as it did. I might have been able to access support a lot sooner. That’s why I’m urging everyone to think about supporting the NSPCC Helpline. It’s vital we all play our part for children suffering abuse."

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Other ways to support Childhood Day

You can also play your part this Childhood Day by buying special products from our partners with donations going to the NSPCC.

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