Conquering the 'Savage Mountain' Adventurer David Tait scales new heights

Adventurer David Tait, a Trustee and one of our most inspiring fundraisers, has scaled Mount Everest 5 times over the last decades to support our on-going battle against child sexual abuse, raising over £1,000,000.

David embodies everything you would expect from a fundraising hero: spirit, tenacity and a desire to test his limits.  

In 2015, David raised the bar and embarked on his biggest challenge yet – undertaking an arduous expedition climbing K2, the 'Savage Mountain' to support our Speak out Stay safe programme (formerly NSPCC Schools Services).

All of David's expeditions are self-funded to support our services and help children across the UK receive the help he didn't when he was a child.

An inspiration to us all

K2 is the second highest mountain in the world, and is renowned for its volatile and severe weather and deadly climbing conditions. David and his team set off in June 2015 and after an arduous 6 week expedition, they were forced back by a combination of extreme weather and brutal avalanches.

One person on David’s team suffered horrendous injuries from a falling boulder, with his arm broken in multiple places and severely dislocated. The expedition had to be stopped, as their lives were at risk. 

But despite being prevented from completing his biggest challenge yet, David is able to see the dangerous expedition as a success, having raised almost £290,000.

Rising to the challenge

David suffered sexual abuse as a child at the hands of people known to his family. His abusers threatened David, leaving him too terrified to tell anyone what had happened. 

He spent many years not understanding what had occurred, at great cost to himself and those around him. 

"It was this suffering that helped push me to excel in whatever I do, to want to reach greater and greater achievements."

David is fully aware of the risks he's taking and uses his determination and personal experience to motivate him to take on the challenge.

"My message to other adults who have been through this living nightmare as a child is to choose freedom, fight back, realise that over time you can grieve, forgive and let go, and that you can do what seems impossible."