Young boy about to call Childline from his bedroom

Children need your help now

Your company could sponsor the running of Childline for a whole day and help 650 children get the counselling they need right now.

Change children’s lives today
Change children’s lives today

Together, we can make 2021 a better year for children.

Many children have been the hidden victims of this pandemic – suffering abuse and neglect at home, increased risk online, or pressure on their mental health.

But with the right help at the right time, this experience doesn’t have to shape their lives. Childline is here for children and young people 365 days a year. Work with us to answer their calls. Because no child should be left to cope alone. 

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Now more than ever, we must make sure we are here for children.



Whatever their worry - Childline is here

"I just wanted to thank Childline for the chat yesterday. Your support saved my friendship. Everything is better now, and I am so relieved. I will definitely come back to Childline if I ever need support again."
Girl, 11, counselled by Leeds Childline base

"A lot of young people are struggling at the moment with the isolation. They are having to stay at home, which isn’t always the safest of places for them. They are missing school which to a lot of them is a sanctuary and gives them that respite from home life."
David Taylor, Childline Supervisor in Prestatyn

"I’m so grateful to Childline for listening to me. The previous counsellor I spoke to was so supportive and amazing. The advice you give always helps me to think clearer so I can make better decisions in my life. I feel so much better now."
Girl, 11, counselled by Leeds Childline base

"I have been seeing a counsellor at school for the last few years which has helped. I only see them once a week so in between I look at the Childline website for tips on managing anger and stress."
Boy, 13, Childline website user

"The volunteers who contribute are exceptional people… [We] are committed to the service continuing because we want to guarantee it is there for children and young people. We realise there is a real need and we are there for them."
Gwenno Huws, Childline volunteer counsellor in Prestatyn

"I really love that you have this community created for all ages. I’ve been trying to find places like this, so thank you for having this where we can talk and support each other. I doubt there is another just as supportive and safe message boards anywhere."
Young person who found support on our message boards

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Young boy with social worker in service centreIn 2019/20 we spent £86.8 million (79.7%) on services and activities to make children and young people safer. This includes working with children and families, our helplines, schools service and child protection and awareness campaigns like PANTS. Read our Annual Report.